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IDIS Essentials - Video Analytics

IDIS Essentials Video Analytics is an information session aimed at discussing and demonstrating key IDIS analytic features.

We will start with a brief introduction into analytics. This will help to understand the ways monitoring and managing surveillance systems are changing and how you can take advantage of this with IDIS analytics.

We will discuss the range of analytic products, including the new AI in the Box DV-3100 and the DV-2232. 

The session contains the following agenda 

  • IDIS Analytic Products
  • What is Analytic Metadata
  • How Analytic Metadata is created
  • Types of Analytics
  • IDIS Opportunities and Use Cases

IDIS Recorded Webinars

Live recordings of past webinar sessions.
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IDIS Recorders - Level 1

IDIS Recorders Level 1 is aimed at providing a base technical knowledge of the IDIS Recorder.
This session focuses on the IDIS Network Video Recorder (NVR) solution.

At the end of this session participants will be able to;

  • Explain who IDIS are
  • Explain the range of IDIS hardware products
  • Demonstrate how to setup and configure an IDIS Recorder
  • Demonstrate how to setup and configure an IDIS Camera
  • Demonstrate how to configure a range of recording options
  • Demonstrate how to configure notifications on events
  • Demonstrate how to use IDIS software
    • IDIS Discovery Tool
    • IDIS Center
    • IDIS Mobile Plus
    • IDIS Cloud Manager