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TecomC4 2016 Level 1 - Introduction

TecomC4 2016 Level 1 (C4-TNG-01)

TecomC4 2016 Level 1 training is an instructor lead course with an Assessment. It is designed for experienced Tecom installation and service technicians who wish to gain knowledge about the Aritech TecomC4 Management Software Version 2016, and TitanCT programming software. It covers the connecting and programming of the Challenger10 panel.

Pre-requisite to this course is either:    ChallengerPlus Bridging (Classroom)

                                                                           ChallengerPlus Bridging (Online)

                                                                           ChallengerPlus/ CTPlus Level 2 - Access Control

Items Covered:

♦ Overview of TitanCT and TecomC4 system topology 

♦ System software overview 

♦ System Numbering and expansion capabilities 

♦ Current Licensing and Agreement arrangements 

♦ Configuring network elements 

♦ Connecting and programming Challenger10 

♦ Operators and User programming 

♦ Software upgrading and Drivers 

Completion of a practical class will enable the online Assessment.  

On successful completion of the Assessment, a certificate will be available for download.

Assessment card will be available within 10 working days after completion of the online assessment