Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to our most frequently asked questions, if something is not listed here and you are still seeking further information, you can contact us via email.


Hills Training Certification provide individuals with recognition of competency to our training courses.
Becoming certified helps organizations understand the knowledge level of individuals. Certification may be required by employment.

Who is certified?
Hills Training Solutions certify individuals.
In most cases if an individual changes employment after they are certified, their certificate remains valid.

Lost a certificate?
Certificates are emailed to the participants email address listed on their Hills Training Portal account.
Individuals can access a copy of their certificate after they login to their Hills Training Portal account and click the My Certificates page.
Certificates can only be sent to the individual certified and the Hills Training team cannot re-issue a certificate to a company or third party.

User Accounts

Can I create a user account on behalf of someone else?
Accounts on the Hills Training Portal are the property of the individual and therefor to protect the users privacy must be created by whom intents to use the account.

Can my employer access my Hills Training Portal account information?
To protect users privacy, account information is only accessible by the individual and the Hills team.

Training Courses

Can I register someone else to a training course on their behalf?
We require participants to make commitment to our training course by using their user account to register.

Can my employer pay for my training course?
A member of the Hills Training team will contact the registered users to make payment.
Please contact the Hills Training team via email if there is a bulk payment being made for more than one participant.

What payment methods are available?
Payment can be made the following ways
  • Debit or Credit Card over the phone
  • Using a Hills account authorised by your employer (Purchase Order)

Why are there no training dates available for the course I would like to register to?
Either due to a trainer’s schedule or low demand on a course, there will be times we do not have a schedule available.
For any training course that has no training dates, we request that users register to the available waitlist.
When a training date becomes available, users registered on a waitlist have priority of attending.
Waitlists also allow our trainers to prioritise certain training courses based on demand.